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Eastern Bay/Miles River Friday
« on: Oct 03, 2011, 06:06 AM »
Eastern Bay/Miles River
Water temp: upper 60's - low 70's
Clarity: clear
Sky: overcast/cloudy
Air temp: upper 50's - low 60's
Wind: NW @ about 10kts. increased to 20kts.
Waves: 1'-2' increased to 3'-4'
Time: 3:30 - 7:00
Tide: low to incoming
Lures: BPS 1oz. to 2oz. metal spoons/ 1/2oz. to 3/4oz lead heads with Gulp twister tails (white/chartreuse)/top water jerk-baits

Launched at about 3 and headed across EB to the mouth of the Miles. Ran across one debris field but wasn't too bad. Came across some working birds/fish and decided to throw some metal at them for a bit. Kept half a dozen snappers and released twice as many. Our main tartget was trout. After our fill of snappers we headed on up the Miles a bit to some grassy banks in the hopes of finding some trout.

We went up a creek a few yards and let the moving water drift us back over along the grass beds. We immediately started to get into fish with the Gulp but were getting short rockfish. After the first drift we decided to go at it again and this time made a longer drift along the shoreline down along a rocky portion. We managed fish on just about every cast and released I don't know how many.

Ended up with a variety of fish - two keeper rock, several very, very large white perch, and a few more keeper sized snappers. Never did manage any of the trout we had heard about. By about this time it was getting late, the rain was starting, and the wind decided to pick up along with the swells... all of which made for a fun ride back to the ramp.

All in all it was great to get out with my b-in-law again and manage enough fish for a couple of decent dinners.
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