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New York / Re: How Warm Is It?
« Last post by iceman260 on Today at 06:27 AM »
54* and sunny.
New York / Re: How Warm Is It?
« Last post by hunts2long on Today at 05:39 AM »
49* and a mist coming off the water....h2l
“Human chemistry systems need to come in line with planetary chemistry systems....”  A sorta quote form a talk I heard a few days ago
You do realize one of the largest inland seas was in that area thousands of years ago... are the cave men responsible for that drying up? No intelligent person could say our climate isn't changing... those blaming humans seem to know something reality doesn't show.
Not big on thinking in complexity, are ya! haha!  :whistling: :rotflol: :w00t:
The problem as I see it is there are those who measure climate change in thousands of years and those of us who measure it in hundreds of years.  More damage has been done to our planet in the last hundred years then in the last thousand!  It doesn't take a rocket scientist, nor a Liberal to know that humans have accelerated the process.  ...... If you don't believe there is a problem and don't want to help change things, your a user loser!
We are looking at decades at this point.
To be clear, if we just consider water and fishing, We can do quite a bit by just insuring we take care of our love of the sport and what water needs to support what we love. JUST THAT would go a long way!!!!

New York / Re: is the DMV open for walk in service?
« Last post by hunts2long on Today at 05:37 AM »
Inspired by this thread, i took a chance and walked in to our DMV.  I asked if appt's are required and was told yes but the lady asked what I needed.  I explained and she fixed me up.  The next guy thru the door said he had an appt. but when he got to the counter the lady said "Sir, your appt. was for 0915......"  It was then 1145.  "Well my truck broke down, I tried to call you people......."   They sent him out.

Moral of the story.....SIZEMATTERS.

I couldn't resist....h2l
New York / Re: Ned rig
« Last post by filetandrelease on Today at 05:32 AM »
 Back 30-35 years ago plug and I used stand up jigs with Twister tails and Berkley baits  with a small piece of worm for drifting through the pancakes , with success
Apparently the facts you chose are the ones created to instill fear and panic... I understand why you're so panicked.
Nope. I just choose the facts that are proven in science and experiences along with condones on the ground. WHAT have YOU  got? Nothing. I’m not panicking, in any case. JUST the REAL STUFF! If the boat is leaking, do you panic or fix the griffin thing. Show me what you use for YOUR info on the subject.  8) :thumbup_smilie: :flag:
Off-Topic / Re: Gardens anyone?
« Last post by Raquettedacker on Today at 04:25 AM »
Looking good Dan..
New York / Re: How Warm Is It?
« Last post by Raquettedacker on Today at 04:23 AM »
44* clear and calm... :o
Off-Topic / Re: The Little Wood Shop 2019
« Last post by rgfixit on Today at 02:12 AM »
We’re at the Ginegaw Park Farmers Market in Walworth Ny. The market is every Tuesday from 2:30-6:00. It’s a great little market with lots of good food, produce and craft items. The Red Osier food truck is always there along with others. There’s another lady and her help who make empanadas, sweet rolls and other stuff. There were people standing in line all market long the get her goods.

We will be there every week till October.

Maine / Re: Halibut season is here!!!
« Last post by fishless12 on Today at 01:57 AM »
The tags issued are your allocation for the season. More rules about the state waters halibut fishery can be found at

It's a little murky, but you have to keep in mind that these requirements apply to the state waters only, EXCEPT that if you are fishing in federal waters, OUTSIDE the state fishery you still need halibut tags to legally land the fish in Maine.

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