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Here`s a place to post Your Montana fishing pics. I started one of these on the IceShanty so thought one would be good here too.I know it`s kinda early but gotta start sometime. 8)

A nice shot of Whatpole on the Yellowstone, hehehehehehe

Whatpole and Darkhouse seining minnows,.

Darkhouse and son with some Yellowsone cats.


31 inches.... it maxed out my 8 pound scale so I'm not sure how much it weighed. We estimated it at 13-15 pounds.

Had a pretty good day on the Yellowstone this Saturday.  We (well mostly my cousin and buddy) picked up quite a few smallmouth and managed to boat large mouth, catfish, goldeyes, carp, drum, and a bonus sauger in addition.  Here's a few pics.

My cousin with a nice smallie.

My buddy with a couple of Yellowstone River bass.

I did manage to catch a few.

Lastly, the bonus sauger.



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