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Lets get the fishing started Mountaineers


First I grew up in Wheeling, fished the Ohio river for bass, channel cats, carp, drums, and when the lakes were froze, miss those crappie, we would hit the d**n for sauger, walleye and muskie, there is a lot of fishing there in the state. Wheeling creek always had rock bass and stocked trout. We would head to Middle fork for the gar when they were running up stream from the Ohio. Fun times.

Since then moved to Cal after year long strike from Wheeling Pittsburg steel -Beech Bottom. There I picked up Flyfishing loved it and still do. High Sierra's near Yosemite.

Now live in Montana flyfishing is near gone for me but once in awhile, live just outside of Glacier Park it is awesome here. I have bought a new boat and learning how to fish for big lake trout.

West Virginia has great Hunting and Fishing just wished I would have done more in state. See the State its a great State.

Later all

Fat Boy:
It is beautiful.  I've had the pleasure of fishing a couple lakes over the years.  My favorite is probably Sleepy Creek on the other side of the state from you.  I've also fished the Ohio River a few times, but across the river on the Ohio bank, and caught some nice smallmouth and catfish.  Mostly now I fish the Potomac, but intend to hit those lakes again.  Wild wonderful West Virginia is indeed wild and wonderful.


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