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I was thinking we've never had a get together on MFF. It's just a thought but I was thinking we could do a get together this year the same way we do it on Ice Shanty.
Instead of sleds we use boats. It would be bragging rights only .. maybe certificates. It's just a thought so let's hear your opinions.

I'd take a ride for that Doug if someone needs a grumpy old partner for the day.



--- Quote from: rgfixit on Feb 28, 2014, 03:21 PM ---I'd take a ride for that Doug if someone needs a grumpy old partner for the day.


--- End quote ---'d be welcome on my boat for the day if you come down. You can join a couple of other grumps as well. It ain't pretty but it gets the job done. Missed out on a nice upgrade recently. Waited to long to pull the trigger but maybe the end of the season might be a better time. I will still need to unload mine.

The only thing that pops up for me though is forget it if it's either Swartswood Lake. My last outing there was terrible and it turned me off. Had a couple nice Pickerel early in the AM and marked many fish all day. Not another take on anything. Fished live bait and threw just about everything at 'em with not even a sunfish the rest of the day. We fished another lake all year and never got the skunk. So that place is on the black list now for me.

Oh and one last thing...........we might not have open water til June at this frickin rate!

Bob (rgfixit) you would be more than welcome to join us. I only have a 10' jon boat though .. basically a 1 man.

Bob (fishgalore) I could post several lakes and we could have members put it to a vote.

Thanks guys. Keep me posted. If no one else is interested, we might better go fly fishing ;D



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