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looking for open water


Doors anyone know of any public lakes or pond with open water in Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon or Morris counties. Any info and feedback would be greatly appreciated.. Wanna take my John boat out this weekend. Also read Woo's reports of shad being in the Delaware, don't know if they're up near Easton/Phillipsburg area yet. I'm gonna start fishing for them next Monday. And for all of us fellow fly fisherman, stone flies are hatching, a Hendrickson wet and dry flies work well in the early season asking work March brown s, beaded nymphs and streamers such as Mickey Finn, zonker strips, and black ghosts are very productive. Good luck this coming Saturday and tight lines to all

I know it's a late reply but I think most of the lakes are open now. Any news on the shad ?

Lol, thanks Doug  ;D no shad  yet. I'm watching the reports and calling the hotlines. Lewis fisheries said they'll likely stay seeing some shad this week


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