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Fishing in the Wolf Point / Ft. Peck area


I'm fairly new to Montana, headed out here this summer from New York.    I'm staying outside of Wolf Point, across the river.  In some traveling around I've seen some access sites for fishing from shore (I have some gear on the way from NY)    I was thinking about trying the bridge outside of Wolf Point one night soon for some channel cats, as I have seen some people fishing from there with one or two cats sitting on shore.    I was wondering if there is anybody on here from Montana that could just give a few hints on places to go and do a little fishing (and maybe catching, Ill have my girlfriend with me and would like to catch a few fish).   If not, when the gear gets here Ill just try a bunch of different spots and tactics and see what I come up with.

I don't care where you fish, but I expect updates cuz!

Bought my license adn have had some luck out of the river, 2 cats, a big old baitfish of some sort and a nice walleye.    Not too much though


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