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Went fishing a couple days ago looking for some Pike, We must have had 30 Pike follow our lures to the boat , but wouldn't eat , tried the figure 8 trick tried casting behind the lead lure to follow so the would have a second bait trailing , they would either not do anything or just swipe at it ,same with top water ,just look at the lure maybe just come up and hit it but not eat the lure, tried everything to get them to commit, I have had Pike do this before but not that many in just a outing, has anyone else had this happen?

Its been a weird year for me as far as Pike goes, even this ice season , I don't ever remember so many flags tripped on my tip ups with no hookups, I counted 16 flags one day and that was just me, Noticed most other fisherman was having the same issues, this was a all season thing, no telling how many times it happened

My first guess would be added fishing pressure is educating the fish. With more and more people fishing due to covid, the fish are seeing more lures and getting "smarter".

Try some glide baits or suspending sticks. Sometimes the pause gets them

to warm?


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