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Wake boats


I will never understand why these a holes with these wake boats are surfing on our smaller bodies of water, like echo, lake Mary Ronan, now these jerks are even going up the Flathead  river
They have no respect for smaller water craft in the water , I kayak fishing on lake Mary Ronan,and had a guy on a wake boat continsly throw water over my kayak, couldn't even stay in one spot , just up  and down the bank , even made a couple little girls on paddle boards fall off , I did have a nice conversation with this d head, but he didn't give a nuts ,  as anglers we need to start taking pictures of these a holes when they are doing dumb nuts and report them, maybe if enough of us start doing this something will be done about, they have a better options that these small lakes to go play on , like I don't know Flathead lake!!!!


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