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New to Tennessee, but not fishing.


Well might as well introduce myself, will be relocating to "Small" farm not far from Chattanooga. Sold my "Big Boat" in Colorado, and down sized to a 16' Lund, that was priced right (for me anyway) in Minnesota. Looks like the sight or at least folks in Tennessee have been using this much. Wouldn't surprise me if rgfixit and Domonic don't chime in as they also monitor up north way.

Tennessee from Colorado…..that’s an interesting move. Don’t know much about fishing there, but I’m betting you’ll figure it out.

Mac Attack:

Yeah I hope to see lots of Buds crappie pictures….. ;)

I hope you do Dom, and more of like the Avita picture.  ;D  Actually Bob it was Colorado to Wisconsin and then to Tennessee.


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