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Almost got my first


I fished Greenwood (NJ) on Niffken's boat today. Thanks again, bud.

I hooked a decent muskie just as we were about to call it a day, on a 6" Jake in a Walleye pattern. We were fishing in sparse weeds/5ft. depth. Got it in next to the boat, took my hand off the reel to get my Boga and must have gotten a little slack in the line---gone. Very upsetting to lose that fish :cursing:, which would have been my first, easily a 15+lber.  I should mention that I fish barbless, so that might have been a factor. I think I will swap the hooks for Gammies that have that inward bend.

Oh well..... keep trying! :thumbup_smilie:

well........ have you gotten one yet? i just lost my first the other day! :cursing:

props to you for fishing barbless! Even with them we miss/lose/follow more than we catch :P Keep at it guys youll get em!


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