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musky lures?

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i just bought a setup for casting for musky. i was wondering what everyone like to use for them. i will be fishing in the Alexandria Bay area the first week of august and chataqua lake the last week of August.

I'm a muskie newbe, but the convential wisdom is to go big at that time of year. Big cranks and jerks--I like the Salmo models and Jakes. Really big inlines and 1.5oz spinnerbaits are go to's for me. I have a split back saltwater X-rap that I love to throw. Get something huge in topwater also. I'm going to get a 5" Sammy soon.

Zorros shack:
 :) My signature has musky lures from Bass Pro

pikies work great this time of year. i like to troll Bagleys DB-08 thought the best

Big W:
     I got hooked on musky fishing two years ago when I moved to northern Wisconsin, and found out they have fishing leagues.  My favorite lure is the "swimmin joe", and  good old bucktail. 

Big W


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