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The past weekend was the annual "deer hunt/pull the docks weekend" at a buddys island on LOTW. I took off on Thursday afternoon to open up the cabin and get in a full day of hardcore musky fishing  before the deerhunters arrived Friday after work. I knew there wouldn't be alot of time to fish on Saturday and Sunday.

I had the nicest day on Friday..... spectacular scenery, not a soul around, lake like glass, cruising in the new boat, tunes playing ..... and 3 muskys. Weather looked iffy at first but turned out to be not so bad later with the right warm clothes. No cameraman or netman but I got decent pics by clamping camera to consol windshield.

Day began like ......

But got better  ;) .......

Saturday was spent pulling docks out of the water, gutting deer, working on dehydration prevention, etc. but Sunday I was able to talk a deerhunter into a couple hours in the boat and got another nice musky plus a great (for LOTW) pike.....

A couple quick days in town and I'm heading back for a last kick at a 50" before I have to get busy whacking deer myself. God I love fall musky fishing!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow those are all awesome fish. I'd love to just catch one of those :)

man - o -man, I'd take a day like that any day.  ;D Those are some very awesome fish. Only wish we had that kind of musky and pike fishing around here. Looks like you had the lake all to yourself too. WTG on an awesome day on the water.  ;D

wow you really know how to cath those things. Those are some pretty huge fish! Keep up the good work, and good luck with the deer too

SWEET!!! Awesome fish, congrats!


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