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Where would you fish for pike in NE Pa.

I live in Indiana, so I don't know, but I would look for a lake with a dark bottomed bay in the north west corner of the lake. It will warm the fastest and bring in the baitfish. Or find a spot in a good river where a feeder creek enters the river.


Where feeder creeks enter the main river, that is were I have done the best.  I live in western NY. I have a few small feeder creeks that feed a small-med river. Have caught many in the spring. Got any rivers in PA? I know you do, I have driven through the pothole state many times, just kidding. Seriously, Grab yourself a Gazzetter (spelling ugh) State Map. and try to identify some spots to try.


Bronzeback is right on the money about rivers.We get them in the Susquehanna while fishing for Musky, especially where  the trout streams enter.As far as lakes, I don't know of many except Lake Wallenpaupack and Lily lake.The Fish commission stocks mostly Tiger Muskies anymore because they're easier to grow.


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