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got a couple of nice trout

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I am goin to Whites Sat. night, I wanna go Somewhereon Sat morn ??????????  how about it     PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN

sorry bro cant this weekend the 18 is coming soon 8) 8) 8) 8) ;D

Well i will have to take pictures of the fish sorry  u wont be there

got a spider bite have iv in my hand and on crutches  also have to go to hospital every 12 hours for antibiotics  but it looked promising this morning wish i could go  o and did i menton the pain pills im in no shape to go. ;D

only got to make a few casts today got a small bass and a kivva (out of the Assabet river.  Goin to Danforth tommorow morngive me a call 


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