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musky spinners


Mr. Jitterbugger:
anyone tie their own spinners for musky n pike, i'm tryin to find some materials to start building large inline spinners??? :)

I dont make em myself but have a good friend that can get all the hardware even  the big colorado blades and make your own Double Cowgirls.  Check out Helen and Rollies Muskie shop.... they have everything you need

wildwood steve:
Lure Parts Online aka stamina tackle is the one I've used in the past. Hagens is another supplier. prices are usually lower then R&H with a better selection. Buying quantity also gets a discount and lower quantities get the discount at lure parts online.

There is a guy on the Maine sight with a post "I hope these work".  He made is own and they look great!

Mr. Jitterbugger:
thanks guys  8)


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