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mainer moved to south carolina


hey, moved in to mullins SC this past DEC. just getting back in to doing some fishing. need help finding good spots to fish. will have boat soon. i like to fish for all types of fish.  HELP I NEED FISH FIX.........

          Open water freak,
Got family in the carolina's?? Or just tired of all the nice roads we have in maine.Best of luck to ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure you won't have any problem hooking up on fish down in that neck of the woods.

Mark Barlow:
 Good luck down there. I tried it for a few years, but couldn't stand the heat and humidity. There is no place like New England. Nobody posts reports cuz nobody has computers down there. ::)

my in laws live in SC. Some of the main lakes can be real tough, especially in fall and winter.

try to find someone with a small private pond. theres HUGE carp, and some nice bass in em.

hey fishinfreak, and wayne from maine.... hows the weather..
im down here in sc working for a while, big fisherman myself. and i was surprised no one post on here so im going to try to put some stuff out here that ive learned over the past 3 weeks from talkin to the locals...
~ live bait works the best. get a cast net and try to catch some shrimp, they hang out by the shores of rivers where creeks come in, low tide is a good time to get them, from my experence, im heading out in a bit to get bait for tonights tide.. shrimp, mud minnows, the white under bellys of croakers..
~ I like to fish off the beach, its nice. not crouded. there is a public fishing pier that usto be the main bridge, the build a new one and left a good 3/4 mile of the old one there so you can fish from it... its on the other side of lemon island in beuford, its over the broad river. there
 are a few more around aswell. im on hilton head, i also will go to the public boat launchs and fish off of the docks. you can catch red drum, spade fish, croakers, a lot of sting rays, they are fun to catch but bring a long neck plyers and a leather glove, off the beach, watch out for jellyfish, if they are on the shore everywhere, i wouldnt spend too much time in the water, ive been hit once, not too bad but its nothing you want to experence everytime you go out.
Im going to be down here for a while here and there, im trying to let people know where and what to use
so more people can come down, use this web site, and catch some d**n fish.... im heading out tonight, ill try and make another post on sunday, ive got 3 days to fish.... ill let you guys know what i hook into,,, let me know if you want to go out.....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        til then good luck and tight lines


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