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 Anybody have any luck with those 9'' slug-gos?I bought some at Gander Mountain and figured I'd give them a try

I was out with a friend of mine and we were working a weed flat where I had seen a 30+ pounder the week before and my buddy was throwing a 9" Fin S (same as a Slug-go) and this fish came flying out of some thick cover and just missed the Fin S, If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't believed it.
I never really throw one myself but it probably be a good throw back lure on a following fish.
Good hunting, Jeff

I've thrown them quite a bit on a really weedy lake I fish. I've had strikes like jyoung mentioned, but never had one get ahold of it. They cast well, and the action is awsome, but they tear up easily if Texas rigged.  I imagine the hook up ratio is really poor, because you can't "texpose" the hook point with the factory hook. You have to just keep it buried. If the head rips on one you can cut it at angle to make it dive or jump. Play with it. They are good where nothing else can go and cheap, but you get what you pay for.

I did see a rig in a magazine some time ago where they rigged it up with a core sinker clamped around the hook and after that they put a 3/0 treble hook just like you would rig a trailer on a spinnerbait and than they installed surgical tubing over the large hook to keep the 3/0 treble from coming off.
It looked great and would probably help from losing fish but it may not work in heavy weeds.
It may be worth a try.
Good hunting, Jeff 8)


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