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Went out and hit a pond close to home. Was a nice evening, upper 70's with wind. I was casting a jig with chartreuse crappie assassin. The Shellcracker seemed to be a bit shy, the pic looked fine after I took it, guess I should have looked closer.  :-\


The Prizz:
Nice.....we're itch'n here in Illinois for some of that 70-80 degree weather that's for sure!!! Our waters are only up to about 40 degrees so far...........Keep it up down there. L8r......Prizz

I have been back to the pond a couple times since. The second time I was working my way down the bank towards the reported "spot". I was approximately 75' away when I spotted a 5' gator, my first wild gator!!!  :o Since he was laying where I wanted to be fishing, I gave up for the day. I went back on Saturday and caught a few longears. I got one nice one to take home; I was hoping for more.  :-\



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