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anyone get any muskie yet?

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anyone hook on to a toothy critter yet? waters been high here but will be ready this weekend. should be prime. just wondered if other states saw action yet.

The Prizz:
Surprisingly, getting some reports from waters in Illinois. Since iceout, the biggest I've heard of is 47"....Prizz

thats a good one for us up here. theres no regs. to protect them up here so anything over 42 -43 in. is a trophy and arent caught often. anyone else have luck?

Big B Muskies:
My brother caught one last weekend trolling for walleys on a little joe spinner. 43 inch beuaty. Minaki Ontario has great muskie fishing

thats a good one. havent been out yet but gonna try this weekend. would like to see at least 1 that size.


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