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My son just enrolled at King's college. After moving down he decided to get an apartment just across the border (2 miles) from school in Virginia. As fate would have it  he didn't bring any poles or tackle with him and his sister an avid Nascar fan made the trip this week end and brought him down his (my) favorite pole. Now coming from a state and region where we catch everythging from lings to steelheads, he is curious to find out some good fishing holes near Bristol. He is limited to foot or bike power for this semester so his range is somewhat curtailed. Any suggestions for this transplanted yankee?

Fat Boy:
I've never been there, but here's what I found on the net for ya:

Here's a sporting goods store in Bristol, VA, perhaps you could call them and ask about fishing there

Clear Creek Golf Club has a 35 acre lake and fishing pier this place has a nice lake, but doesn't say anything about fishing, but my be worth a call to find out

Also, a creek, known as Beaver Creek, flows through town.  It may have trout or smallmouth bass perhaps.  There are other creeks around too, so they probably have smallmouth bass.

Other potential spots nearby:

Beaver Creek Impoundment, 5.2 miles from Bristol, VA - has rock bass, walleye, and crappie.  I'd bet it has smallmouth and largemouth bass too.

Clear Creek Lake, 6 miles from Bristol, VA - has brown trout, bluegill, and muskie, probably has bass too.

South Holston Reservoir, looks like it's about 10 miles away, but has all kinds of fish in there, bass, muskie, walleyes, trout, etc.

They get some nice fish out of South Holston river.. quite a few trout and Small mouth.. Nothing really to write home about compared to Up here but decent none the less..the Watagua is another one that is good for Trout..Blue wing Olives should be the ticket this time of year..There should be Catfish in almost every pond and lake down that way..Do tell him to watch out for Cotton mouths.. They are always plain cranky!!

Thank you Griz and Fat Boy for the info. I will have him monitor the site and have encouraged him to register under his own moniker, but he has not done so yet. Hopefully after he gets settled in after his first week of classes he will get the "itch". Thanks again.

There is a Excellent creek that runs through Tn. But from where he is is quite a hike.. it is about 45 miles East of Nashville and is called the Caney Fork..Fantastic Trout stream.. not uncommon to catch fish out of that in the 15-20 pound range..Browns mostly but sometimes big Rainbows..He might be able to hook up with a friend some weekend to get there.. well worth the effort..gotta go really small there.. 18- 22 Zebra midges are real good this time of year..If you need more info shoot me a PM...I lived in Nashville for about 10 Long years...


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