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slim slinger:
My friend gave me my first Mepps Musky spinner the other day in the firetiger pattern.
There isnt any muskie fishing around here and i will be heading up to my girlfriends camp in hornepayne ontario to fish fall wallys, northern pike and do a bit of bird/rabbit hunting. Now i have fished her lake many times before catching 50 eyes a night (its unbelievable fishing in northern ontario) and we have had days in the spring catching 40 pike in 2 hours during the afternoon but the fall is probably going to be a little harder to get those numbers. This trip I am not going for numbers however, I am going for the trophy. With all the pike we have landed we havent got one any bigger than 32". I have seen fish follow hooked pike to the boat that have ranged from 40"-47" big mammas but no takers. Has anyone tried using spinners such as the one i have now for trophy fall pike? I've been told to use bigger baits in the fall? Anyone have any success with methods like this?


The following artical can explian it as well as I can, with the referance site below, but to say the least, fall fishing for pike and walleye, has no equal! These two speicies love to fatten up for the winter and will hit almost anything throwen their way. Red devils, Len Thompsons and 5 of diamonds are great lures too. Floating Rapelas provide awesome action. Anything just below the waters surface is the ticket.

Fall Tactics And Lures
In summer the largest northerns head for deep water, but return to shallow weedbeds with the coming of autumn. When water temperatures begin to drop, autumn has come to pike waters. Big pike transition back to weedbeds, probably the same ones where they staged after leaving shallow bays.
Flats slowly tapering to 8 or 10 feet often hold fall pike. If there are remnant weedbeds on the flats, so much the better. In lakes that have ciscoes (also called tullibees), these herring-like fish move to rock shoals to spawn just before the lakes ice over. Large pike move onto the shoals to fatten up on ciscoes. Lures that match the size (about 10 inches) and color (black back and silver sides) of ciscoes catch trophy fish every fall.


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