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Any body want to share what they have learned about muskies?  I have been fishing hard for them for 6 years and have learned a few things, but man, they are one hard fish to figure out. Some combo of parameters turns them on. I just don'y know what exactly.  I fish allot of the same water over and over (water I know the muskies are in) and some days they are jumping in the boat, I cant stop them from eating but other days you could not find one with TNT. Just when I think I got the parameters in line, they stump me.  Anyway,anyone want to compare data? FT

I don't have any secrets but in the spring we fish for walleyes at the susky where there is a stream flowing into it and we catch muskies and northerns all the time, we use bucktail jigs or mister twisters with very good results don't believe anyone that says you need to use large lures to catch them cuz you don't we catch more muskies and northers on smaller size lures then we do trying to catch them with very large lures,one secret I will share with you though,if you ice fish try using small but legal size trout for bait they love them. good luck

yes i have good luck too in spring fishing for perch and then eyes, with white jigs tipped with worm, do get some muskies on this.

That's musky fishing. Some days they wanna eat, some days they don't.   Track the conditions on your most productive days and you may find a pattern.  ;)

Big B Muskies:
I try to make sure I fish lakes that are tried and true. Lake of the woods, Eagle lake etc... Also a guide can be the best "Musky Secret" No Muskie, no tip! They will work hard to put you on fish.


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