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Anybody ever jig for slimers? If so what's your favorite, and what has worked for you? I recently made a trip to a small pike lake and did the typical deal, spoons & spinners...couldn't buy a fish, I tied on a red & white bucktail with a 4" paddle tail and I couldn't keep them off it. Easily outfished the daredevil my dad was using 5 to 1. Lets hear it, size, color etc. What do I NEED to have in my box? Thanks in advance!

Sure is dead around here...

When it's real tough, live bait on a float can work pretty good. Jigging? Not unless I'm standing on ice!

Spinner baits- Use the larger sized spinner baits, black, white, black and orange. They are killer on pike, especially when they are up shallow in the spring and fall. I prefer spinnerbaits over in line spinners 8 out 10 times.

Husky jerks- simply dynamite, have lots of them! Make sure you make full use of their suspending qualities, it drives them stupid.

Buzz baits- There are lots of different variations, but they all do the same thing. Things that make lots of noise get smacked often. Pike stink at hitting a surface lure so give them a chance to take a second shot if they miss. I've had a fish strike a lure as many as four times before I got him.

Rattlin Rapalas- Again, noisy things smacked. Big ones cast like a rocket and can be run as deep as you want. Orange seems to be magic sometimes.

Plastics- Big twisty tail grubs with no weight have been big fish producers for me. I plan to try big senkos this fall too.

I have not thrown a spoon in years.

Thats good info, I never would have tried it but my dad caught a nice walleye trolling for pike so I rigged up to jig for eyes and the pike wouldn't let it hit the bottom. I wasn't vertical jigging, I was in about 12fow pitching into tall weeds in about 8fow, basically on the weedline. Maybe they were leader shy? I tied on 10# floro when I rigged up the jig...this was the first time I've ever gotten into slimers so I only know from reading, no personal experience.

If they are active, pike will hit just about anything. I've caught more than my share fishing crappie with a 1/80oz jig and a couple wax worms. Here are a few good guidelines...

Pike are most active under an overcast sky, a good walleye chop helps things too. The more active they are, the more obnoxious lures you will want to use. If the sun is buried in clouds, go flashy, bright, and fast. If the sun is cooking, go with plastics, dull or natural colors, and slow down.

Big pike and small pike act completely different. For the most part, small pike behave like a much stupider largemouth bass. Big pike cannot tolerate warm water, so you will rarely find them shallow in the summer. I think 75 degree water is about all they are willing to deal with. Fish deeper off shore structure in the main lake when the water starts warming up. They will be out there feeding on ciscos, perch, and suckers. Use your electronics to find their forage in the main basin.

Start with bass sized lures in the spring and use bigger lures as the season progresses. By Sept-Oct, you should be using huge musky style stuff.

They don't feed much at night. If you can't see, neither can they.

They primarily use vibration and eyesight to locate prey. Exploit this! Don't worry too much about scents.

Pike are generally not line shy, but in super clear water or under allot of pressure, they can be.

Pike teeth cut superlines very easily. Use steel or heavy fluro if you fish it. 10lb fluro is asking for a bite off, but 10lb fluro or mono is still less prone to bite offs than 30lb braid. Leaders are often not necessary with longer baits, especially spinner baits and inline spinners because the length acts as it's own leader.

ALWAYS have a pliers on your belt. You can rarely get the hooks out without one! Respect those pearly whites, they are CRAZY sharp!   


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