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Just out of curiosity, what corner of the planet are you fishing and how big are these fish?

I'm in Minnesota, the story may be different if you are farther south.

I'm in central Montana. This lake is very shallow, and I don't think its got potential for much size. A few Perch and cannibalism are about it for forage I'd say. I dream of heading east and fishing your neck of the woods...

Gold rattle traps and big mustard yellow willow blade spinners have been my weapon of choice for pike I just caught 1 41 inch pike on the golem rattle trap but the mustard yellow has been killer on the pike around me

Heavy weeds?

Hey Lundin, If you dont mind me asking what lake are you speaking of? I think I saw you and "the old man" on the pics page. Nice pike and NICE EYE!!


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