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Fat Boy:
Hi everyone.

I wrote a blog post titled, "The Right Tools for Catch and Release Musky Fishing" and thought that anyone getting into targeting muskies might want to use as a resource.  These are pretty special fish, so having the right equipment to catch them is one thing, but having the right equipment once you catch one to ensure that musky's survival is also important.  That's what this blog post portrays.

I hope that you find in informative whether or not you're new to musky fishing.

Good post Kevin. Having the right tools handy makes things much easier and quicker. Not as big of an issue now but real important to release them quickly during the hot summer months. If I would have had a jaw spreader in the boat last weekend I could have saved myself a little blood loss.  :P

Fat Boy:
Thanks Icin'...

OUCH!!!!!!!!!!  It's like battle scars though!   ;D

Got a pic with your fish?

--- Quote ---Not as big of an issue now but real important to release them quickly during the hot summer months.
--- End quote ---

Absolutely.  I was thinking about posting a post about the general care of muskies while catch and release fishing for a future blog post.  That's really important though, so it can't be said enough.  Some people won't even fish for them after the temperatures reach 82 degrees and higher because it's so hard on them.  That's why if you're targeting them, the right tackle for the job is even more important (another future blog post).


Well this was the one that bit me. Lol. The 38"er jumped out of the net before we could get a pic. I have a blurry pic of the 43" but not handy at the moment.  I was surprised how lively these fish were in 39 degree water. I usually don't fish for them this late in the year but catch a few while targeting walleye.  This year I plan on targeting musky until ice up. 

Fat Boy:
Nice fish Icin'!  I love fishing for them this time of year.  I think that they bite pretty good in the late fall through winter.  I used to think muskies preferred that warmer water, but lately I'm beginning to think of them as a cold water fish.   

Let's see the 43" blurry pic...who cares if it's not a great pic, at least that's a good fish and that will make the picture better.


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