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I'm starting To like this late fall fishing as well. Gonna give it another go tomorrow.   Here is the blurry pic and an example of how not to properly hold a musky. Lol.  This was his first musky and 43".

nice fish and good post  nice pic's too what bait or lure did you use? my pb personal best was like 35or 37 inch fishing the lower niagra river lewiston,new york   fishing for bass the the musky hit a whole night crawler

Fat Boy:
Icin' if he wants to do it again and loves these fish, then he'll learn the right way.  That's a nice start getting the first one over 40".

Wally, the first one hit a locally made glider called a Hot Tail.  The next one hit a Bucher Shallow Raider in baitfish color.  The last one being released was caught on a Bucher Deep Raider in chrome green.  I picked that lure up on sale at Gander a couple years ago.  I had zero confidence in it but decided to try it.  After a few casts, fish on!  The last on pictured hit a Musky Innovations Realfish in Sucker pattern.  I also caught on not pictured in the blog that was mid 30's that hit a husky jerk in gold, black back, orange belly while walleye fishing.  I had musky fished all afternoon and my shoulders were sore, so I decided to fish some lighter stuff for walleyes, and wham, musky on! That was my first two musky day.  I hope to duplicate that tomorrow along with a PB!

Ugh that's when it always happens. Get tired of casting for musky. Switch it up and BANG! Musky. Usually ends up in a lure donation. It did last week anyway when I donated the same xrap to a low 40's musky after catching a couple nice eyes.

By the way, fished 6 hrs midday today. No musky action. Just 2 stinking catfish. Lol

Fat Boy:
Same here Icin'...I fished Saturday for 9 hours tossing nothing but musky lures in good musky water.  I didn't even get a sniff.  I managed to tire my arms and shoulders out with all that casting practice.

The water was gin clear, could see 10' down. 

I did see a walleye though sitting on the bottom in 8' of water that looked pretty big.  My buddy tried to get it to bite, but all it would do is move away from the lure than back to his holding spot.  It looked like a mid 20's size eye to me.


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