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Baitcasting Rod And Reel For Pike


slim slinger:
Looking for a new baitcasting reel and rod mainly being used for pike and bass....Any suggestions on what rod and reel i should get? never used a baitcaster before....


Well I posted the same question and did not get a response.  I talked with my brother-in-law who is a big toothy fishermen of another kind (Musky) and he turned me onto Gander Mountain.  I went in this evening and they had a Guide series baitcaster on sale for 59.99 and I bought a guide series 6'9" 1-5oz rod.  That is what he uses for muskie fishing and I assume will work fine for Pike!

Good luck!

Well, right now the best deal on baitcasters is the $99 for the bass pro extreme rod/reel combo.  The reel maybe the low profile design, but it has an aluminum frame & great drag system,  and can easily handle anything up to 40lb fish, you have your choice of rod actions, but the 7' MH or 7.6" H actions would most certainly handle throwing large swimbaits, inline spinners and the like, along with spinnerbaits and jigs for bass.

i have a tony rizzo 6' 11'' heavy action rod w/ a abu garcia c-3 reel i use for trolling for muskie. ive landed a 21lb. muskie on it. it worked well but i would go with the c-4. it has a higher gear ratio. the c-3 is a little slow but besides that it handled her well.


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