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I've had decidedly mixed results the last few times that I've been out on my local streams.

Last Saturday, I got skunked fishing the "Jungle" section of the South Hoosic in Cheshire in the afternoon, and only caught a single 10" brown  further downstream on the same stream (past Lime Street) in Adams during the evening.

On Sunday, I scouted the East Westfield in Cummington, but the water  was so lamentably low that I didn't even bother casting a line.  However, later that afternoon, I did a bit better - - landing another 10" brown and five decent (12" to 15") rainbows - - fishing my "milk run" on the South Hoosic in Adams.

Fortunately, we got a fair amount of rain (about 4"?) earlier this week, which seems to have improved the water levels/temps, and the temperatures have been fairly moderate (indeed, downright chilly at night) of late.

This evening, I fished for a little under an hour right after dinner (but before heading off to pool), and was lucky enough to reel in a 9" brown and three rainbows (including a massive 16" one that put up a helluva fight).

While my recent experiences have hardly been spectacular, I'm pleased that (a) the local rainbows have held up as well as they have despite this summer's drought conditions and (b) I'm finally starting to see some brown trout again after nearly a month hiatus.   

I've been meaning to thank you for all your detailed posts. Also for using short paragraphs. These tired, old eyes of mine can't follow the long ones.

Good stuff Jim!  Might be time to dust off the fly rod and come up!


--- Quote from: lowaccord66 on Sep 10, 2022, 03:46 PM ---Good stuff Jim!  Might be time to dust off the fly rod and come up!
--- End quote ---

Glad to have you up, although I'm afraid the fishing has declined some since June.

Scheduling wise, next weekend should work well - - but the following one could be a little trickier.

Nice work as always Jim.  I took a ride after the rain and all of the Westfield branches outside the main stem are unfishable.  The conditions this year prob hurt the holdover population for years to come.  I did get what is possibly my biggest smallie out of the westfield on Friday night.  Not huge but like 1.5lbs on ultralight gear was still fun.


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