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I fished the South Hoosic for a couple hours or so this morning.

It was sunny, and about 75 degrees.

I started on the lower end of my milk run in Adams, and caught two fish - - an 11" brown beneath the roll dam between Elm Rock and ALADCO, and then, on my way back upstream, a 14" rainbow by Elm Rock.

Unfortunately, the rainbow swallowed my hook in such a way that it began bleeding, so I decided to keep it for dinner.

Next, I headed back to my car and drove to Cheshire Harbor, where I tried fishing below the dam without success.

But it wasn't a total loss - - I found some elder berries (like in Monty Python's Holy Grail - - "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elder berries") - - which I gathered for my salad for dinner this evening.

Then I pulled a shift this afternoon in the Gift Shop at a local Museum that I volunteer at for a few hours. 

Attendance was fairly slow, so I spent a lot of my time foraging the Museum grounds for additional salad ingredients - - dandelion greens, mustard greens, sweet clover, chives, some dock and a few wild grapes.

When mhy shift was over, I drove to North Adams and fished the North Hoosic for a little over an hour.

After a fruitless stint near the entrance to the Natural Marble Bridge State Park (where the stream level was disappointingly low), I drove downstream to the roll dam and waded my way past Old Glory Rock down to (and below) the Eclipse Mill dam - - again, without a single hit.

But, as I worked my way back upstream to my car, I took an experimental cast toward a spot near the opposite shore about half way between the Eclipse Mill dam and Old Glory Rock and was rewarded with a solid strike, which proved to be a 16" rainbow that, thankfully, I was able to release unharmed.

Heading home, I grilled my trout over my fire pit - -and ate it along with my salad, a sauce pan of "aloo Palak" (a potato and spinach curry dish) and a bottle of "Lucky Buddha Sure Hit Enlightened Beer."

Sounds like a good meal Jim!

Steve H.:
Great report.  Glad you were able to make a meal out of the bleeding rainbow.  And nice to hear you're still getting into the trout out your way.


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