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Every year on Sept. 15, I post a reminder that everyone must wear a life preserver in a canoe or kayak from today until May 15 in Massachusetts. The EPO gives out tickets for violations.

Thank you for this. A couple years ago I tried getting on goose pond in Lee on the 15th without a life jacket while an EPO was there at the ramp. I hadn't thought to bring it because it was 80 degrees out and I'm a good swimmer. She told me if she had seen me on the water I would have received a citation. Now I always bring one just to be safe, probably a good idea anyway.

Thanks for the reminder! Once, an EPO waited 3 hours for me to come in from fishing in my canoe. He got downright mad when I showed him I was wearing a Coast Guard Approved inflating fanny pack... I had to tell him to give me a ticket after 20 minutes of arguing with him that it was legal and he was wrong when he said MA did not recognize it as legal (they do)... He must have looked it up as the next time I saw him he would not make eye contact with me and left in a hurry...

Should be worn in a canoe/kayak all the time! 


--- Quote from: lowaccord66 on Sep 16, 2022, 01:04 PM ---Should be worn in a canoe/kayak all the time! 

--- End quote ---
That's the law in CT


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