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Fat Boy:
Welcome Virginia anglers!

Since most of y'all are from South of me, I wanted to give you a brief intro to how this site works. 

The rivers and lakes boards are for fishing reports only and are set up in a particular format.  The goal is to have one thread only for each lake and river.  The data required on the first post is:

For lakes, in the Subject line, list the lake name without the word lake and the county without the word county.  For rivers, just the section of the river that you're talking about.  For example, Lake Anna Subject line would read, "Anna/Louisa, Spotsylvania, & Orange"

In the detail section, include the lake name, county, size (acres), maximum depth, and species available.  Then, a description of the lake and any other info or links is very helpful.

In the reports boards, all new posts must be in the format above for a specific body of water where a thread for that body of water is not already on the forum.  Any duplicate lakes or river posts will be merged together.   Off topics or general posts will be moved to the Virginia general board.

The Virginia General board is for Virginia fishing and other conversation.  Anything goes as long as posts aren't vulgar or offensive (those will be deleted without explanation).  Please post with respect to others on this site, treat people the way you'd want to be treated, and all will go well.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's start talking fishing in Virginia and Posting reports.  I'll be adding lakes and rivers every day until most are there.  If there is one that you think should be on there, let me know and I'll make sure it gets on.  If information is difficult for me to find and I'm not familiar with that lake, I may come back and ask for it.   Otherwise, if it's on the web, I'll find it.

Fat Boy:
OK, it looks like right now the moderators are the only ones that can start new topics on the lakes and rivers reports boards, so hopefully I'll have all or most of them before you all become members.  For those that are currently members or thinking of joining, remember that this is a new site, in its infancy, and growing fast. became huge in just a few years with over 9,000 members already and next year will probably be over 15,000.  Many of those members will join here for sure, so expect this to be much bigger since it is open water.  Most of those folks are from the Northern part of the nation and Canada, and a few overseas.  Imagine what will happen when the South, particularly y'all, find out about us.  This open water set up is structured like Iceshanty.  The set up is popular, software user friendly, and the concept is very inclusive.  The moderators keep a tight ship to maintain respect for everyone and keep this site from becoming just another place to bash enemies.  So, people below the Mason-Dixon, let us know how you are doing by posting fishing reports on your favorite waters, posting pics of your favorite fish, and posting you writing skills on some of our other featured boards too.  Join with us to make this the best fishing web site ever.  It soon will be.

Fat Boy:
Alright you Virginians.  I lobbied very hard to get you guys your own board, so let's see some activity.  Tell all of your friends and tell them to pass it on about this new and wonderful sight.  It's not going to go away any time soon! 

By the way, I'm going to try to have the Lakes VA board have some child boards added, like regions to make it easier to find your lake that you'd like to report.  153 lakes is a heck of a lot to sort through.  Give me feedback on how you like the set up of your VA boards.  These are yours to use!


I really appreciate all your time and effort setting up the lakes.  You are da man.


PS.  Could you add Fountain Head to the list of lakes?  I was out there this past weekend.  The Crappie and Bluegill are hitting with the LM Bass not far behind.  All in all, I fun fishing weekend.  No LM Bass big enough to keep, but the size is a little larger than it needs to be in my opinion.  Also, the park closes at 830 pm.  That is a major note for this park.

Fat Boy:
T, I think that Fountainhead is a park on the Occoquan.  I'll post a link on the Occoquan Res. thread to the park.  This is good info though, so thanks for the heads up!


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