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Jig&trailer for muskies


I just finished reading an article on muskies on jigs in the latest issue of In-Fisherman and I was just wondering if anyone has done this.
I have caught muskies on small jigs while fishing walleyes and bass, But I've never caught one on a large jig fishing for Muskies.
I have a few large jigs and have tried them as a throw back lure for a following fish.
I was wondering if anyone out there works jigs and trailers with success and if you have how do you work them.
Do you straight retrieve them or do you swim them in?
Any input would be great.
Thanks, Jeff

Bucktail jigs tipped with twistertails are my go to bait in cold water.I use a 1/2 oz or bigger white or yellow  bucktail jigs tipped with large grubs.You can find them in with striper or saltwater lures at some stores, or just tie your own.I add a minnow for scent.It doesn't look like much, but it can be effective.I use a slow retrieve most of the time,but you have to mix it up to see what the fish are after.A lot of guys use a snapping style retrieve where you snap the rod, reel up the slack and snap again.We borrowed this from the saltwater anglers when they snap jig for stripers.


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