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Make sure the lake has a decent population, because most Tiger stockings "fail". Get a lake map and look for  areas where they might feed.  Leave your bass rods at home and throw the biggest lure you can for hours. If you get a follow or two go back to the best spot after the sun goes down. Late Spring and late Fall are best. Its hunting not fishing. Its not for the weak hearted or the weak armed. You'll love it. Just be smart and don't hurt yourself and don't hurt the fish to bad. They only get bigger if you let them grow.

Tiger Musky fact:  They don't reproduce,  if you take them out of the lake,  they are gone for good.

If you know a area they are in liveline  the biggest golden shiner you can find at sunrise.

During the spring Musky can be found where creeks and  small rivers enter the main river.River shiners enter the creeks to spawn, and the walleyes follow them and the muskies usually aren't too far behind.I throw bucktails tipped with large shiners or cast Rapalas and twitch them like a topwater as they drift with the current.I like to use a HuskyJerk with a stop and go action also.Sometimes I freeline shiners with a circle hook.They always hook fish in the corner of the mouth, so I can get them back into the water unharmed.A few years ago I was reeling in a 24'' walleye I caught on a Rapala and a huge Musky whacked it!I fished that spot for three days, but that musky never came back.I'm still looking for it.

ok ive got a lot of learning to do before i go after these bad boys hopefully someone can meet up with me sometime to give it a shot heard there in the delaware river and i live in pa let me know if anyone is interested


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