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White Cats in the Hudson River.


For anyone interested...

The white cats are starting their spawning activities and are really accessible right now.  Over the past week I've caught about 20 in 3 outings.  Yesterday was the best so far w/ 5 fish to 5# in an hour and a half.  The catch rates could be better if I was targeting these fish, but this is strictly by catch from my striper pursuits.

The method working best for me is fresh herring chunks right on the bottom anywhere there is a current break or rip.  I prefer circle hooks for easier unhooking and quicker rebaiting.  1-1/2" chunks work well.  If the fish get finicky and drop the baits repeatedly before you can stick them, fillet the herring and use slices of the fillets.  Once the tell tale taps begin, I pick up the rod and wait for a pull.  POint the rod at the fish and begin reeling.  No setting required w/ the circles.  It takes a bit of getting used to if your a traditional J hook fisher, but after a few tries it's pretty easy.

Go get em now before the eels start mugging the baits from the cats and bass.


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