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I find that these lures are excellent all around for walleyes, pike, bass, and even trout. The sad thing is it seems like I either snag it or get a nice fish every cast. Does anyone know a way to rig it so it won't snag as much?


   O.K. I'm gonna try!!!!!!!!!!

   Hook just the head of the grub and slide it all the way up to head of jig.  Now take the rest of the body and hold it next tho the hook so that the grub is pointing towards jig head.  Stick the hook just under the outer skin of the grub.  Just far enought so when the fish hits the hook has no problem sticking the fish.   I Hope I made sense............. :-\ ;) 8)

Don't let it hit the bottom.................................. ;D Sorry had to

It's just one of those inevitable parts of jig fishing.  Buy cheap jigs so you're not out a small fortune when you loose one.  One thing I have had luck with is fishing the same grubs on a carolina rig and using a lindy no snagg sinker or a slinkie for weight.  Still hook it weedless like Liar said (though I'm not sure how much you can beleive of what he says) and see how you make out.


   I fish, there fore I lie....or is it.......I lie, there fore I fish............???? ::)  ::)  ;)  8)

Curly tail grubs and skirted varieties as well as tube jigs are awesome fish getters.  I will always do well with one of these when all else fails.

In fact, I am going to replenish my stocks today for the impending walleye run.  What colors do guys prefer to use the most?


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