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Did you know you can dye light colored soft plastics?  just soak them in a small dish for a half hour with a little water and a few drops of food coloring.  I cant normally find the color combos i like, so i'll die tails on my yellow, white, or clear grubs.   It doesnt give the intense colors of store bought colored plastics, but i think it looks a little more natural.

Fat Boy:
This is a great tool.  If you don't want the mess of food coloring, there is a product available in many tackle shops and the big catalogues/stores too called Dip n Glo.  Chartreuse, pink, blue, black, pumpkin, red are a few colors that are available.  I always carry chartreuse with me on every trip.  A fishing guide that I once hired on the Lower Potomac, Glenn Peacock, once had a saying that sticks with me to this day, "If it ain't chartreuse, it ain't no use."  In many of the waters that I fish, chartreuse is a great color and the dye will work on all but the darkest of plastics.  It's pretty bright on some colors too!

Sounds like thats a lot less messy and faster. i'll have to pick some of that up. thanks

Fat Boy:
CF, are you in the Baltimore area?  If so, Bass Pro has it.  It's about $3.50 per bottle I think.

Yeah i'm down in pasadena.  i was just up a basspro today too.  wish i posted this yesterday.  think i'm going to rent a boat on loch raven tmw, maybe i'll stop by there on the way.


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