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Help for touge jigging in maine


Litchfield Fisher:
we have a camp on a small pond (well about 2 miles long by a mile wide) that holds quite a lot of water the deepest point is about 120 feet we have fished this pond for years and never really produced much fish out of the pond its artificial lures only it holds touge some over 20  pounds and is jigging a worth a shot if trolling rarely  produces or not ??? ??? ???

I sure would try jigging. A tube, bucktail or maribou or maybe even some spoons. Do you use a fishfinder? I would find the fish and drop vertically to them. Look for underwater points, humps, or drop offs near deeper water. The warmer the water gets the deeper I would look.

most of the lakers are feeding within a couple feet of bottom.  some come up for suspended feeding, but concentrate your efforts on fluttering right on the bottom. 

I've jigged up large togue.  This technique does work!  Even using small curly tail grubs on a small head is productive.


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