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Looking for a cheap canoe


irish pirate:
Any suggestions?, I have a 19ft Larson with an 85 hp Evinrude, but i like to fish the fresh water, and I am a commercial fisherman so I have no real reason for having the Larson. Any suggestions would be great.

You might want to look around for a 8 or 10 foot aluminium jon boat !
I have a  8 footer w/ a 28 lb. thrust elec. motor.
It's great for those hard to get at places.
I can carry it  a short way,  but I have a little 2-wheel cart
I bungee it to,for bush wackin. We fondly refer to it as the Swamp Rat.

just a thought.....................


A small jon boat is much more stable than a canoe.  Canoe's are great for rivers, but if you plan on mainly fishing ponds or lakes, I'd suggest a jon boat or small v-hull.  I have a 12 foot alum v-hull with a 6hp yamaha outboard.  I wish I had a little bigger engine, but it gets me around.  Look on craigslist...  there are always small boats for sale.

Stan...  did you plan your charter yet?  I'm tiling a backsplash for captain Snow this week.

irish pirate:
Thanks for the input fellas, sounds like a good idea. I really want to do more fresh water fishing this summer, I usually only fish the salt, but it gets old and even trout fishing gets old. Kinda want to get back into Pike fishing.

There very easily to find good deal on Craigslist, if you keep check out daily and will find a good deal for canoe or small boat with motor, trailer. It all depend on what you want. Good Luck. I got my boat, trailer, motor, and canoe off from Craigslist. I save ALOT of money!!


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