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Need Help Fishing Quonochontaug!


I live near Syracuse NY but visit RI on the 4th of July.  I am looking to fish the "breechway" that goes between the salt water ponds and the ocean at the end of West Beach Road.  Please excuse my lingo if it isn't correct, that's just what I've heard it called.  My inlaws have a place on the ocean side so I could walk right down the beach to the rocks at the mouth and fish there.  I'm wondering what's good to fish for there, nothing too huge but something that's good eating.  My wife says she's seen people catch "big flat fish."   ;D  Obvoulsy I'd be looking for the closest bait store, what to use, etc.  Thank you in advance for any help. 
Ok, update, wife says they were Porgys she thinks she's seen people catch out there.  I don't have to go for those but if they're good fishing that time of year then that will do. 
Also, does it matter if the tide is going in or out when it comes to fishing a channel like that?  Seems like it may dictate which end you would want to fish but what do I know, I've only fished fresh water. 

Also I'll be looking for info on if I need a license, limits, etc.  I can look that stuff up once I know what I'd be targeting and get more info but again, any info is greatly appreciated. 


I fish down there once in a while. Also use the Charlestown town beach for relaxing.  :sleep1:

There is a bait shop on Charlestown beach road.

High tide you can find some schoolies (stripers) in the ponds looking for bait fish.
Maybe try out on tip of the rock wall. Blues & stripers have been caught there.

Use a lead wt. paddle tail plastic. or top water popper, or eels.

Good luck,
Hope you catch some dinner......  ;)

p.s. you don't need a license to fish salt water  :police:

BassMan Stan

Thank you, I'll have to check into the type of set ups you mentioned because I haven't heard of them.


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