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Hello im a native of RI and now live in Pulaski NY as a fishing & hunting guide.Now the fishing is awsome up here and its a year round fisherie but I sure miss the salt and sands off the RI beaches and estuarys.I would love to see some reports on this forum but it seems everyone is out fishin and nobody is posting anything so come on guys help out a brother fisherman with homesickness keep in touch with his roots and post a few reports about the stripers,blues, fluke,anything will help.Thanks
                                                                     THE BALD GUIDE

seems some states aint catching on yet why not call some bait shop in that state and get them to promote mff with signs or some thing

Alright here goes................Not to many Rhode Islandas seem to view the board. I live close to RI waters and fish them often but figured I'd be reporting to myself!!!
Fished the West Wall, Jerusalem side a few times this year. Night bite is best.....been skunked in the AM both times. Caught many schoolies there but no big un's yet. Have yet to fish the beach (which is what I prefer).
Fished Cominucut point (Near the old Rocky Point) Saturday night.....terrible conditions with a "wicked" wind and weeds. Stuck it out until sunset when the blues started bangin the rip and beach.........Blues on every cast using Poppers.....what a blast.
Other than those few RI trips, I've been fishing MA waters with emphasis on the CC Canal with good success.
Hope to make my next trip to the Narrow River in Narragansett, tossing eels.....soon.
I'll report as long as I know will read them.
Tight lines.......Mugz

I have never fished Monomy Island but have heard good things about it. I'll be on the Cape the week following The 4th but only for 2 days and one night...I'll be fishing but in the Hyannis area. Theres an inlet near where we are staying that I'll be fishing...with all the traffic nightmares down the Cape, I won't be doing much traveling. I'll make another trip to the Cape later in the summer to fish strictly the evening. Would like to spend a night on the Race, but I don't like the fact that it's P-Town.

           I lived on craigville beach hyannis for two years in my childhood, There is a small inlet there and it fishes well sometimes on the rite tide and the blue crabing used to be second to none I can remember filling bushel baskets as a teenager.Try casting the beach many blues and some stripers early and late.As far as the race in provincetown its an awsome place to fish bring a kid sometimes the blues are so heavy at night its none stop action. Me and my son know froom experience we left our right and left arms lying on the beach there in 2001 if you happen to find them please contact us, as landing these giant steelhead up here in pulaski ny with out them has been tough,I here the big dawgs are in the sound got a friend heading down there this week wish I could get away.


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