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Anyone tried the new Sufix 832 superline?

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Used it on one of my ice rods this year and was pretty impressed very smooth and limp.  Excited to give it a try on the soft water.  Has anyone tried it on a spinning reel and how has it preformed for you casting / jigging / rigging??

I have a couple of baitcasting reels spooled up with the stuff.  I haven't fished with it, but only tossed it around in the back yard.

the jigs up:
I hope it works well. I found it on sale for 15 bucks, half price.

I bought two spools 10 and 20 lbs. I plan on using it on my spinning rods with fluorocarbon leaders. Soon will know as Walleye opener is in 2 weeks.

I will re post with my success hopefully.

Yeah, I found the same sale and loaded up with 4 spools. I was in a local tackle shop and the owner claimed that this stuff was releases by Suffix a few years ago and did not take off, not it has been released with some hype and is selling like mad

I have it on my rod.  Spinning reel. Let me tell ya, Suffix casted a mile...This stuff casts 3 miles. It's a little thinner and is smooth man. I love it. Same great strength. Same great sensitivity.  Small lures even go for a lift off. And I use 30lb test. $15 half price? I got mine for $20...Same price as original Suffix.  You won't be disappointed.


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