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marabou jigs


is there anybody out there who uses this type of jig for walleye ??
i got a bunch of the stuff or even panfish ??i like the way it looks in the water just havent had much luck for eyes yet with it and i been trying
guess i might be stuck with the marabou  :unsure: :-\
if you do use marabou what species do you like to target??

killer on the steelhead in WNY

You can do some awesome things with marabou other than tie jigs with it.  Try using like a hackle and wrapping the neck of your jig with it.  I also use this method to make some ice bugs.  I take a small jig hook and tie on a pair of weighted eyes and wrap the body wit the marabou.  Do a youtube search on "marabou jigs" and you'll get a bunch of ideas.


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