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In late June I will be taking a canoeing/ hiking trip with my church group in the northern MN ;D boundry waters,and I would really love to have some successful fishing while I'm there. I am from North Eastern South Dakota and I have only heard rumors about how nice your lakes are. I mainly fish walleyes and pike in the summer with the occasional perch pond trip. I was just wondering if you guys would have any suggestions as far as lures and tactics are concerned. I would love to catch a couple bucket mouth bass, because they are hard to find close to home. Thanks for all your help guys, and may your lines be tight this summer!! ;D

Lucky guy! The BWCA/Quetico is one of my favorite areas in the country. I havn't been there in about 10 years but when I was younger I spent a lot of time up there. Your first step is to figure out what species are in the lakes you'll be on. Northerns and Walleye are in almost everything; lakers are in some; smallmouth are in a lot, largemouth are in a few; browns, rainbows and brookies are in a few. There's a good guide book that i bought years ago that lists all the lakes and the resident species; for the fisherman it's a huge help. The newer version is on Amazon, "The New Boundary Waters and Quetico Fishing Guide". For smallmouth I always did well throwing small in-line spinners (white w/ silver seemed to be best) or jigs tipped with curly tail/chunk of crawler. I don't remember ever catching a large mouth up there. Good luck and have fun.

My buddy who went on this trip said that they caught small mouths, walleyes, and pike. We will be traveling a lot so live bait is out of the picture. I have yo keep the tackle to a minimum so I am looking for something that will work on multiple species. I will have to try and find the route we are taking and all the bodies of water we will be on. Thanks for the reply, keep them coming!!

If you want to be absolutely certain of your success on this trip, you might want to consider hiring me as your personal fishing coach/guide! Out of the goodness of my heart, I won't even charge you for my service's! :w00t: :rotflol: Sorry WW! Just having a little fun at your expense! Mostly because I'm so jealous of you going on such a fabulous trip! I started going into the BWCA at the tender age of 20 and now I am an Auld Phart of 74! In my humble opinion, there is no greater place to go! The first thing I would recommend that you get is one of those clamp on rod holder's.  Since you will be doing a lot of paddling, this will enable you to keep on fishing(trolling) and leave your hand's free to paddle. I've never caught a largemouth bass up there but the smallmouth's are everywhere! Use small crankbait's like a #7 Shad Rap for them. You will have greater success if you go after them early in the morning. Cast toward's cover close to the shoreline. Let your bait sit for a few second's! Then give it a couple small jerk's before you start your retrieve. Then, WATCH OUT!LOL! Most of the lake's you will encounter also have good population's of walleye's and northern's. You will probably catch all the northern's you could want just by accident! I try to avoid those slimer's! If you can convince any of your buddy's to try this, the deadliest way I know of for catching walleye's is fish for them after it get's DARK! Wait until it get's darker than the inside of a cow before you go out! Tie on a shallow running stickbait, like a Rebel or a Rapala! The Rebel's always seemed to work better for me. Then get out and paddle at what seem's to be trolling speed to you. You want to try to be fishing in 3 to 5 feet of water! Go paralell to almost any shoreline. Point's and any narrow area's are good one's to try also. I usually found that the bite would shut down after around 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning. Not to worry though. By then you will probably have all the walleye's you could possibly want! Fishing after dark really isn't all that difficult! After you have been out for at least 15 minute's, your eye's will adjust to night vision and you will be surprised how well you actually can see! Another thing you might want to consider is to bring along a jar of Berkley Gulp Alive leeche's. Plus whatever you need to get rigged up for slip bobber fishing. This work's just as well for smallie's as it does for walleye's. Inparticular if you come across an area where there is water running into a lake! Even more so if there is a little current in the area. Last but not least, you might want to bring a couple jig's along. One of the best method's to try. You will be encountering a lot of rocky area's though. So don't let your jig's drop too deep! This link I'm going to post for you is about a fabulous sounding new jig that I just encountered today! Check it out!  Look's pretty darn good, doesn't it? Good luck to you and all your buddy's WW! When you get back, I expect you to have a bigger and better lie ready for me! :w00t: :rotflol: DIRTBALL2 ;)

Wow! there is so much valuable information in that message it is going to take me awhile to make sure I get all of it! It's a good thing I have until the end of June! The way you guys keep Telling me it is so great, I am already itching to go! Thanks for all the information and I will definitely have something to brag about when I get home with all of these tips!!  ;D ;D


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