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Cleaning jig eyes. Any tricks?

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I just painted up a bunch of different size and color jigs with powder paint and hardened the paint in the oven. Now I have a bunch of jig eyes to clean out. I have little jig pics but this paint is so hard the pics just bend  >:(... Do any of you guys have any tricks for quick and easy jig cleaning? :)

I always use the point of a hook. That works good for me.

I use powder paint on my jigs as well.  The quickest way I have found is with a lighter and a paper clip.  Open up the paperclip, heat up the end with a lighter, push it through the eye and wiggle it around.  This prevents the paint from chipping around the eye.  ;)

Dark Cloud:
The paint cleans out much easier if you do it before baking them...

If you take a sharp nail clipper,  push it over the eye of the hook to the shank, just below the eye.   Squeeze it and twist the the clipper a half circle in each direction.   This usually loosens up the paint over the eye.  Sometimes, a light snip right across the hook eye is needed to flake the paint away.     Saves the points on your hooks and leaves a clean eye.


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