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Looking for an open seat or a fishing buddy!


For the first time in over 10 year's, I find myself without a fishing buddy and no immediate prospect's of being able to get out fishing! It's allready May 22nd and I have yet to wet a line this year! My outboard is currently inoperable and I don't have the wherewithal to remedy that. I am an Auld Phart but don't require babysitting! I would really like to find a kindred soul to go fishing with. Someone I could share expense's with so we could both get out more often. Not looking for a fishing pro but someone with better than average ability to outwit a fish! My boat is a Lund S-16 and my motor is a 35 HP Evinrude. The ability to be able to tell bigger and better lie's would also be a plus! My location is Warroad,MN by beautiful Lake of the Woods! Drop me a PM if you are able to help me out. Thanks! DIRTBALL2 ;)


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