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Filleting catfish.

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Water Wolf:
I have never caught a catfish of any type before, but would like to someday.
I have just a few lakes and river systems where they can be found and if I caught a not bad one would like to keep at least one to see what they are like.

I am wondering how do you guys fillet your catfish?
Do you fillet them like most other fish, {pike, walleye and the like} or do you skin them first and then remove the meat like we do with the burbot? ???

The main catfish I probably would find would be the channel cat.


My method:  I cut around the head completely following from pectoral to dorsal, then use pliers to remove the skin. I then fillet them as normal. I lose a little bit of meat, but it's a perfect cut for fish and chips.

They are a great eating fish!

Filet them like a trout. Cut around the head and make cuts down the spine on each side. Then work your thumb and knife toward the belly around the rib cage. Filet behind the ribs toward the tail like other fish. Then you have a filet and remove the skin like any other filet. I cut off the gray meat just like trout. It's oily and gamey and supposedly where all the contaminants are stored.   I do bass the same way and you don't saw through the ribs and guts.

I do mine like burbot

i start at the back of the head, skin it, and then basically cut the meat off the fish.


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