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Heading to Marcell, Mn June 8th. for a trip with my dad and a bud.  First time in Mn.  what can I expect?

You can expect to have a heck of a good time turpie! That's some beautiful country you are headed into! Every time you turn around, you find another new lake to try! There are a lot of them up there! There are even a few lake's that are designated stream trout lake's! They are managed by the DNR, strictly for fishing trout. My personal favorite is Kremer Lake. We always used to fish there from shore. Set up your rig with a sliding sinker about 18" above your hook. For a hook, I usually used a #8 Eagle Claw Lazer. Bait up with a single nightcrawler. Then inflate your crawler with some air! This keep's it from just laying on the bottom. Make a long cast out and prop your rod in a forked stick. Kick back, chill and laze away the day while you wait for a bite. Don't forget that you will need to have a trout stamp in order to fish for trout in Minnesota! Here's a link to the Minnesota DNR where you can find a lot of useful information!   Good luck! :thumbup_smilie:DIRTBALL2 :flag:

Awesome, thanks for the info, can't wait!

You are more than welcome turpie! Glad I could help. And I hope you guy's have a ball! There! Now I am living proof that Auld Phart's are good for something! :whistling: :thumbup_smilie:DIRTBALL2 :flag:

is there a boat ramp


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