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Thanks guys when I googled it seemed to be a lot of diifrence in options from smaller to what seemed really big to me

I use cut bait pretty much exclusively, and I let the bait size dictate hook size.  Most often I use a Gamakatsu 4/0 inline octopus circle, but jump up to 8/0 when throwing big/whole bait.  Majority of the channels I am catching are in the 15-25 pound range.

that's the thing about catfish; they couldn't care less about a giant hunk of metal stuck in their dinner, if they're hungry and if it fits in their mouth, you're gonna catch them.

When I'm catching eater sized catfish from 16-24 inches, I'm using size 2 to 2/0 hooks.  Sometimes the light wire hooks gets the hook up instead of the heavier wire hooks. 

I also like the octopus hooks but before these were available in our area we would use Kahle hooks in sizes 2 - 2/0.  They are usually made a little sturdier than a circle hook but catches them the same way.  For dough baits I use a #8 to a #2 treble hook.  Good luck.


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