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What style of Jig do you use?

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Just read an old article about the Trout Magnet, (Dart Style) jig, with a flat taper on the front bottom of the jig. The action sounds interesting for Panfish and even larger fish use.

Anyone ever use these? What types of jigs do you use?


I use a ball head jigs with no paint most the time. Other jigs i use are tube style and stand ups. Also will use a bucktail jig from Cabelas or homemade bucktails.

I'll  generally use a 1/64th or 1/32nd bucktail with some mylar flash or a Mini-Mite.


   For summer 1/32 - 1/16 w/maribou with a little crystal flash or wth a zonker strip with out crystal flash.  Same set up can be used on larger and differant style jigs.

Tube jigs will catch all kinds of fish!! Try them you will like them!! 8)


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